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What is Fungram?

FUNGAM is a search platform based of decentralized blockchain which aimed to establish a simple and intelligence navigation portal to the blockchain world. we combine with social networking, insurance, lending, leverage and other financial derivatives to provide financial basis for users Infrastructure to create a secure, private and efficient global financial system.

Relying on the powerful search engine and recommendation algorithm, FUNGRAM will provide value-added services such as advertising, ranking, recommendation, and evaluation in the future. FUNGRAM will become the portal of the entire blockchain ecosystem, and is also committed to becoming “Google” in blockchain industry. In January 2021 Fungram has obtainend STO licence.

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Mission of Fungram

FUNGRAM is an open and diversified platform.Innovation triggers the spark of fun, gathering fun and enriching life is our mission.

Why Fungram?

FUNGRAM launched a new experiment of “Social Finance” with 3F+R key factors which are Fun, Friendship ,Fund and Restart mechanism. The Fun Game and Money Pot are the promotion engines for community growth in which members will share the dividend of progress and get the insurance for uncertain loss. In FUNGRAM V2.0, it will evolve into search&navigation portal to the blockchain world combining with social networking,insurance, lending, leverage and other financial derivatives and so on.

STO Licence

Crypto Smart Search Platform FUNGRAM Obtained the STO Licence Issued by the US SEC

On January 26, 2021 EST, FUNGRAM was formally granted the STO license upon the approval of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and filed on the SEC official website. In further, FUNGRAM has been licensed as the U.S. Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), and officially provided investment advisory services to all persons (regardless of nationality) who have a U.S. taxpayer identification number.

As a company with actual assets in the United States, the acquisition of a dual legal compliance license from the authorities means that FUNGRAM can legally and compliantly conduct investment consulting services for global investors under the supervision of the US Securities Regulatory Commission, and steadily become a global leading issuance and transaction infrastructure for compliant digital asset STO.

is Fun

Welcome to Fun Gram, you have started an interesting journey!

Ecological introduction

Creating a complete ecosystem of social + DeFi will eventually become the value hub of the digital economy era.

Digital Banking

Based on the underlying technology of blockchain, fungram wants to create a complete ecosystem of social networking + defi, which mainly includes digital assets, digital identity and digital social networking. It will be the digital asset wallet, identity ID, social tools and transaction link, and eventually become the value center of the digital economy era.

Encrypted social networking

Provide peer-to-peer encrypted communication services to encrypt messages passed by users, but never appear in any other third-party system, thus ensuring the privacy and concealment of the social.

DAPP store

The goal of fungrom is to become the entrance of DAPP world, so it will establish DAPP store. Partners of fungram, blockchain technology community and development enthusiasts are welcome to publish DAPP and smart contract developed by them in DAPP store.

Financial Services

Multiple public chains have been aggregated, and users can issue coins on one public chain, asset crowdfunding, and financial derivative activities to create a new ecosystem of decentralized finance in the future.

Technology Architecture

The overall technical architecture of Fun Gram will adopt the classic six layer blockchain architecture, including application layer, consensus layer, incentive layer, contract layer, network layer and data layer.Each layer is completed separately as a core function, each layer cooperates with each other to realize a decentralized trust mechanism.

Data layer

In addition to adopting standard chain structure, Merkle tree, hash function, asymmetric encryption, and time stamping technology, it also introduces member representative records, dynamic priority calculation, Fibonacci sequence calculation, and cryptographic signature.

Network layer

The DPOS election method is adopted, and the contribution index is non-linear. To encourage long-term bookkeeping, the contribution balance factor is dynamic and nonlinear. The longer the accounting period, the more the accounting.

Incentive layer

The reward of the account node is usually to directly obtain asset returns. But there is no continuity. Therefore, in addition to the direct revenue reward, the incentive bookkeeping node also adds a bookkeeping contribution reward.

Contract layer

Provide a paradigm for targeting functionality to the application layer. Oriented functional paradigms are divided into different types of functional paradigm forms according to different functional forms.

Application layer

The RPC function provides a functional paradigm for users to generate asset operations through the use of the functional paradigm. A simple interface function is used to complete the convention and use of the functional paradigm.


Governance structure

Combining cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, and biometrics to provide innovative decentralized financial products to users around the world.


The FUNGRAM Foundation is a fund organization established in the United Kingdom. Committed to community development and construction and governance transparency advocacy and promotion work to promote the safe and harmonious development of open source ecological society.

Decision Committee

The decision-making committee must maintain high standards of integrity and ethical business conduct standards, and its functions include appointing or dismissing executive heads and heads of various functional committees, making important decisions, and holding emergency meetings.


The FUNGRAM Foundation is a non-profit organization, and users on the chain obtain the right to use the GRAM community. The purchaser should understand that the GRAM community does not make any kind of guarantee, so the FUN GRAM token will not provide a refund under any circumstances.



FUNGAME is an open and transparent cash flow game. No matter you are a big guy or a freshman, you can safely join in. The unique stop loss restart mechanism of Fun game can make you realize profit easily.

Money Pot

MoneyPot is an social advertisement application in Fungram ecology. If you want to share one thing, or an interesting message, or a product, you can quickly link people near you through Moneypot function.

DeFi financing / staking system

As the preferred platform for investors, Fungram has been committed to provide investors with greater liquidity and return on investment. Version 2.0 staking system will be developed. The assets in Fungram can be used as pledge assets, and funds can be lent out in proportion.

Decentralized HD + trust digital asset system

Fugram2.0 will be upgraded to a fully decentralized multi chain wallet that meets the requirements of bip32, bip39 and bip44 in the blockchain industry.

Navigation portal of blockchain

Fugram will provide users with special navigation and search pages for various blockchain applications, so as to ensure that users can quickly and easily find 99% of various blockchain applications in the world or invest in other blockchain Dapp by using fugram app. Relying on these, we can provide value-added services such as advertising, ranking, recommendation and evaluation in the future. Fugram will become the gateway of blockchain ecology and Google in the blockchain industry.

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